Makeup Breakdown: Strobing



In makeup, “strobing” is a technique that layers and reflects light onto your best features, adding an otherworldly glow without oily shine.


How is strobing different from contouring? It eliminates the darker shades used for sharp, strong cheekbones and deep-set eyes, using only highlight for a softer, more ethereal look. Think of it this way: if “Contouring” is Wonder Woman, “Strobing” is Tinkerbell.


Strobing is simple with the right tools, like Custom Enhancer Drops or—if you want to go high-key for a night out, a beach party, or a music festival—Glitter Drops. To ensure strobing looks glowy instead of oily, stick with key areas of the face: the tops of your cheekbones, the bow of your lips, and the outer corner of your eyes.


With fingers or a soft, small brush, apply a small amount of your chosen product (like three drops), blend well, and that’s it. Seriously.

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