Get All-Day Wear with Our Perfect Setting Powder

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Whether you're prepping for a big event or heading out the door for a day that will run from work to cocktails, you want your look to last. Our Perfect Setting Powder sets makeup for all-day wear and minimizers transfer—meaning all that effort in front of the mirror will never go to waste.

An ultra-lightweight loose powder with an incredibly translucent finish, Perfect Setting Powder won’t add any color to your skin or overpower the finish of your foundation, but it will give you the glowy airbrushed look you covet.

Find out why Brett Gallagher (our very own Global Education + Field Sales Director), loves Perfect Setting Powder, and learn his tips and tricks for getting the most from this bestselling product.


How do you describe Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder to clients or when you’re sharing it with a pro out in the field?

Brett: Perfect Setting Powder weightlessly locks in liquid and cream makeup, so you won’t have to reapply. Not only does it maintain the color and finish of your foundation, but it is also formulated with light diffusing particles that blur and smooth your skin, giving it an airbrushed effect that never looks chalky or cake-y.


You love it for the Insta Generation! Why?

Brett: Perfect Setting Powder is to a makeup what the perfect filter is to Instagram! It enhances your look without changing the fundamentals. It also never causes the dreaded “flashback” effect you get from powder that is too heavy or too white.


How—and when in the makeup routine—should you use Perfect Setting Powder?

Brett: Once you’ve finished applying your foundation and the rest of your makeup, you can use Perfect Setting Powder to set the look so it stays all day. Using a powder brush or a beauty blender, press and roll Perfect Setting Powder onto foundation that’s still wet. It will set better that way and you can avoid streaking or shifting the foundation.


Any other ways you like to use it?

Brett: Baking! Add a thick layer of Perfect Setting Powder over your concealer and allow it to sit for five-to-10 minutes. The heat from your face will “bake”—or set—the base foundation and concealer. Dust off the excess powder and revel in a creaseless and totally flawless finish.

I also love using Perfect Setting Powder as a blurring powder primer before powder foundations (like our Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation) and as a matte topcoat for lip color.


Can you share a pro hack for perfect application?

Brett: Remember to set the jawline and cheeks—the area I jokingly refer to as the “transfer zone.”


What makes Perfect Setting Powder stand out from the crowd?

Brett: First, I love that it is available in both the customary light shade as well as a translucent shade for deeper skin. Many setting powders give an ashy cast to darker, richer tones, but this one is traceless and weightless, no matter the shade of your skin.

Second, unlike the leading competitors, Perfect Setting Powder is formulated without talc. That means it’s not only free from toxins, but it’s also even more translucent and long-lasting than other products on the market.

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