Behind The Scenes with Celebrity Makeup Muse, Patrick Ta

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If you’ve ever perused the internet for new beauty looks to try, whether countless hours on Instagram or a few bookmarked articles, chances are you’ve probably come across celebrity makeup artist, Patrick Ta. Known with the highest regard for his unique beauty looks, he’s one of the most sought-after artists of our time. From working with the Hadid sisters to Chrissy Teigan and more, he creates memorable looks that are not only attainable but fun. The end result? Red-carpet-ready glamour that’s wearable enough for the every day.


While on set with Ta for our newest color campaign [check it out, here], we had the honor of chatting with him about how he built his career. From falling into freelance work with MAC Cosmetics to working closely with Gigi Hadid, we couldn’t get enough of his story, and let’s just say, we learned a thing or two about the art of a good hustle.


Q: You’re originally from Arizona…how did you get your start in the industry?

A: I started doing makeup in Arizona. My roommate at the time was a makeup artist, she’s the one who got me involved in makeup. I started at MAC, worked there for a year and a half and then moved to Los Angeles and my whole life changed.


Q: Whoa, that is amazing. What do you think differentiated your technique amongst other artists?

A: When I first moved to LA, I was doing very glamorous, full-coverage makeup.  But then I realized the everyday girl wants to feel beautiful in her own skin.  So, now, I feel like my makeup is glamorous but also wearable. You can be seen on the red carpet but you can also walk down the street with it on, too.


Q: That’s so interesting you can create such versatile looks. Did having your Instagram grow quickly help with that at all?

A: It wasn’t that fast, girl! When I first moved to LA, my first big client was Shay Mitchell and then Gigi Hadid. Gigi really helped me grow my following by allowing me to play with different looks and showcase the makeup I was doing. I’ve been working with these women for over 3 years now and being able to grow and change with them over the years is such a special thing. There’s no right or wrong way to do makeup, it’s always changing.


Q: That is so nice you’ve kept up those relationships. What would you say is the best kept beauty secret for a quick and natural look?

A: A little bit of moisturizer and highlighter.


Q: What’s your biggest career highlight thus far?

A: Being able to do the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows for the last 2 years. Building the friendships with the clients I’ve had has been priceless—and a lot of fun.


Q: Who would be/is your dream to work with?

A: Margot Robbie, Beyoncé, and Julianne Moore.


Q: Ok, random, but we have to ask. What’s your favorite thing about living (and having your home base) in LA?

A: You’re able to dress however you want, year-round. I love it.


Q: Last question: Who or what would you say is your “foundation”?

A: My mom and dad.  There’s no better feeling than making your parents proud and continuing to make them happy by staying true to who you are.


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