#POWERPLAYER: Sharon Collier


Made from good-for-you ingredients and with a weightless, modern-matte finish that stays put all day, our newest product—Power Play Foundation—is a true game changer. So in celebration of its release (FYI—it’s already a bestseller), we’re shining the spotlight on beauty and lifestyle experts who also never fail to eclipse expectations. From superpower CEOs to makeup mavens and more, these #Powerplayers inspire us with both their how-I-got-here stories and their tips for living a beautiful life.

Sharon Collier is CEO at Cover FX, where she leads all functions of the brand—from concepting new launches to ensuring proper product development to leading a global team and more. When she is not travelling and growing our business at Cover FX, she is back home in Houston, Texas, enjoying time with friends and family. We caught up with her recently to talk beauty, goals, and what keeps her grounded.


Tell us a little about your start in the industry and what attracted you to working in beauty.
Sharon: I started my career in retail as an Executive Trainee at Neiman Marcus, ultimately became a buyer in Fragrance and Designer Brands. On the wholesale side, I worked with brands like Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent, Paloma Picasso Accessories and Laura Mercier.

I was always drawn to beauty—it’s magical and empowering. There are ever-changing trends that allow a person to play and interpret the mood. From a business perspective, I really liked the creativity, innovation, and brand building I found in the beauty world.


What is your perspective on beauty and how it’s evolving?
Sharon: Beauty is evolving at record speed which is exciting. More and more players are entering the market, innovation is faster, and the consumer is more engaged than ever before, making the overall beauty experience better for everyone.


How have you seen the beauty landscape change over the years from being at Laura Mercier to now, the CEO at Cover FX?
Sharon: Today women can educate themselves through YouTube. The shift I’ve seen most is, it used to be companies dictating trends and educating the consumer through sales associates, but now it’s all about self-expression and learning through influencers.


What excites you most about the future of Cover FX?
Sharon: We have believed in a global shade palette and good-for-you formulas since our founding, 17 years ago. And as a pioneer in customization, I’m excited to continue our compelling, inclusive, and clean innovation that resonates with and reaches consumers globally.


What are 3 things you strive to do every single day?
Sharon: Exercise, eat healthy and meditate. I like to carve out time and let my mind wander.


What advice would you give to a young woman starting her career?
Sharon: Love what you do! Find your passion—work should be fun and feel like a hobby.


What is your “foundation” and/or what keeps you grounded?
Sharon: My family and friends. I have a great network of strong, professional women.


What is your “beauty uniform”— the go-to look you love to create for the everyday?

Sharon: I think creating the perfect canvas is the most important step. Natural and matte for day, smokey eye and highlighted for night.


What’s the best part about having a global team in the US, Canada, UK, Middle East, & Southeast Asia?

Sharon: Our stellar global team allows us to be in touch with consumers globally which is really powerful.


What’s your favorite Cover FX product? 

Sharon: I have two favorites—our iconic hero, Mattifying Primer and also our new Power Play Foundation.

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