#POWERMOM: Monica Awe-Etuk


Ever since we launched our game-changing Power Play Foundation, we’ve been introducing you to #Powerplayers—beauty and lifestyle experts who also never fail to eclipse expectations. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve decided to make this week all about #PowerMoms—women who aren’t just killin’ out in the world, but also on the home front with their little ones.

Meet Monica Awe-Etuk, wardrobe stylist and fashion and style blogger at Awed by Monica. Mom to Itoro, 8, and Ema, 5.


Mother’s Day plans?

Monica: Brunch, then back to bed!


The best Mother’s Day “gift” you could receive?

Monica: I got early Mother’s Day gifts—a new handbag and a bed. I also got new bedding, which I love.


Wisdom from your mother you would like to pass on to your children?

Monica: Respect and love everyone.


Monica Awe-Etuk, wardrobe stylist and fashion and style blogger at Awed by Monica, with her daughter, Ema, and son, Itoro. Photo courtesy of Monica Awe-Etuk.

How has your beauty routine changed since you became a mom?

Monica: Because being a mom takes a lot, I find that I’m always tired. I look for beauty products that will revitalize my skin—natural products and products that are fast and effective.


When you have an afternoon alone with your children, what do you do?

Monica: Watch movies and dance!


If we snooped in your handbag, we’d know you were a mom because. . .

Monica: You’d come across my kids’ library cards.


How would your children describe what you “do”?

Monica: My kids say I am famous because I have been in magazines. I say I am a regular girl sharing my love for fashion and life with my social media family.


What do teach your children about what it means to be beautiful?

Monica: Beauty comes in all shades, shapes and sizes.


What is one thing you do as a parent that you swore you’d never do? 

Monica: Sweat the small stuff!


Who (or what) is your “foundation"?

Monica: Being grateful for every opportunity.


What does being a “power mom” mean to you? 

Monica: Handling everything—family, life, and work.


Want more? Follow Monica on Instagram @awedbymoni. 

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