#POWERMOM: Candace Nelson

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Ever since we launched our game-changing Power Play Foundation, we’ve been introducing you to #Powerplayers—beauty and lifestyle experts who also never fail to eclipse expectations. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve decided to make this week all about #PowerMoms—women who aren’t just killin’ out in the world, but also on the home front with their little ones.

Meet Candace Nelson, founder of Sprinkles and Pizzana, author of the bestselling cookbook The Sprinkles Baking Book, and mom to Charlie, 10, and Harry, 7.


Mother’s Day plans?

Candace: Mother’s Day always begins with my husband’s famous pancakes at home.  No fancy brunch for me. I like spending the morning in my pjs.


The best Mother’s Day “gift” you could receive?

Candace: Words of gratitude from my two sweet boys.


Wisdom from your mother you would like to pass on to your children?

Candace: The enduring value of travel and perspective.


How has your beauty routine changed since you became a mom?

Candace: More concealer to hide the circles!


The last time your children made you laugh?

Candace: Today! One of them had pajama day at school and went in a large cow onesie, complete with udders.  My boys are both so funny.


The last time your children made you cringe?

Candace: Oh, that’s their new favorite expression—“cringey”!  How they dress on a daily basis is pretty cringey. A rotation of OKC Thunder gear. Much of it too small, but they are devoted to it!


When you have an afternoon alone with each of your children, what do you do?

Candace: I bake and read with my little one. I hike with my older son.


If we snooped in your handbag, we’d know you were a mom because. . .

Candace: There would be a variety of sanitizers and wet wipes as well as an array of trash my boys have handed me because that’s what they think my purse is for.


The last book you read with your children was?

Candace: Hatchet by Gary Paulson.


An image of Candace Nelson with her son Charlie from The Sprinkles Baking Book. Photo credit: @amyneunsinger

How would your children describe what you “do”?

Candace: The best thing about my job is that my children can easily describe and understand it.  I make cupcakes and own a pizza restaurant.


What do you teach your children about what it means to be beautiful?

Candace: Kindness is beautiful.


What is one thing you do as a parent that you swore you’d never do? 

Candace: Yell! I don’t do it often and when I do, I always regret it after!


Who (or what) is your “foundation"?

Candace: My husband. He’s a true partner.


What does being a “power mom” mean to you? 

Candace: Being passionate about what I do—in and outside the home.


Want more? Follow Candace on Instagram, @candacenelson.

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