Level Up Your Eyes with Shimmer Veil

Shimmer Veil 1

We have a question for you: What comes to mind when you hear crème eyeshadow? Is it flashbacks of your middle-school-self trying to perfect that beauty regime or maybe a more recent dazzling night out with friends—perhaps a concert or a holiday party? Whatever type of emotions you’re recalling right now, we’d like to introduce our (new and very wearable) crème eyeshadow.

Enter, Shimmer Veil. Formulated with a wet-shimmer finish that won’t crease or smudge—trust us, we’ve put it to the test—means you can level-up your look as much as you want, wherever you want. It’s the swipe of shimmer here, a dramatic dose of sparkle there.

If you’re still not convinced, don’t worry, we’ve worked with celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta to learn exactly how he would use it. “I love this product because it’s so wearable and easy to apply,” says Ta. The trick is to build up the product and blend—starting with one swipe on eyes (or lips or cheeks)—and intensifying until desired result is achieved.

Check out the different ways we’re using Shimmer Veil below:

Patrick blends Shimmer Veil upwards on eyelid with eyeshadow brush.

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