Concealer Class: Natasha Bonneau

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Meet Natasha Bonneau, a Beauty Educator, Pro Artist with Cover FX and a frequent star in many of our Instagram story tutorials!

We sat down for a Concealer Class with Natasha to learn her tips & tricks on concealing, highlighting and contouring like a pro.

Let's get schooled...


Q: When applying makeup, when and how do you rely on concealer?
A:  I use concealer for a number of things. Coverage of course, I have a dark birthmark on the right side of my face. I don’t care about covering it up but sometimes depending on the look I’m going for the blue/ green tone throws off my look so using concealer is important for getting the coverage I need.

I also like to highlight and contour with concealer as well. I always get a flawless application because all of my layers are the same texture.


Q: Concealer is a gift! But using it properly can be tricky. Please describe some concealer “oops” you’ve seen or experienced.
A: One time in high school I applied an under-eye concealer all over my face before going to a school party. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Needless to say that didn’t work out too well for me. My face basically melted by the end of the night.

I’ve seen some of my clients use too much concealer! When working with concealer starting with less and building the coverage where needed is key. You’ll have a smoother application and have the coverage where you need it and not where you don’t.


Q: How does Power Play Concealer stand out vs. other concealers you’ve used?
A: Power Play Concealer is just different! It’s lightweight, it has the coverage I need but it’s also somehow flexible and doesn’t crease. I love that it has pollution protection in the concealer, I’m a city girl I NEED that!

I’ve never really been a concealer girl. I always find concealers to be too thick or messy, and needed to be set in order for it to hold up. Power Play Concealer really changed that for me. I like being able to put a little on and go and not have worry about it being all over the place at the end of my day.


Q: Share a tip (or two!) about using concealer—and using it properly.
A: Remember less is more especially if your under eyes naturally crease like mine do. Build your concealer in layers for a smooth even finish.

Also - Lightly set your concealer with Perfect Setting Powder, the silkiness of the powder gives a beautiful blurred long wear finish but doesn’t dry the skin..


Since we’re talking class — and it is back to school season...

Lightning Round

Favorite Class in School?

"Science! Chemistry specifically."

Favorite Cafeteria Lunch?

"Pizza & string beans. Yes I said string beans 😂 I loved them so much! The lunch ladies at my school loved me - I ate all of my veggies. 😇"

Your High School Beauty Look?

"I didn’t really get into makeup till my senior year...but the shinier the lipgloss the better! I owned lip glosses in every shade imaginable. I also really loved mascara."

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