Concealer Class: Kate Sergi

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Meet Kate Sergi, the Territory Manager for Cover FX Australia. Kate has been with Cover FX for almost 2 years now, looking after sales and education in Australia. When she's not working, she's spending time with her partner Sean, her two fur babies Mynx and Luna, or chasing the sun and chilling by the ocean with friends & family.

We sat down for a Concealer Class with Kate to learn her tips & tricks on concealing, highlighting and contouring like a pro. Let's get schooled...


Q: When applying makeup, when and how do you rely on concealer?
A:  Concealer gives me a brightened and concealed under eye. It also highlights the highpoints of my face. I love that the Cover FX Power Play Concealer comes in shade ‘White’, allowing me to really make my highlights pop on my super pale skin.


Q: Concealer is a gift! But using it properly can be tricky. Please describe some concealer “oops” you’ve seen or experienced.
A: When poor coverage concealers are used to conceal dark circles - that's a big 'oops' in my book. If they aren’t high enough in coverage they can create an ashy/green tinge to the skin.

Or....concealer instead of lipstick! Yep this was a trend back in my high school days. Think of the lightest beige skin tone concealer applied straight to the lips with a clear gloss on top. T A C K Y!


Q: How does Power Play Concealer stand out vs. other concealers you’ve used?
A: The coverage, and weightless skin finish are second to none. I’ve never used a product that offers such a high coverage yet sets like your actual skin.


Q: Share a tip (or two!) about using concealer—and using it properly.
A: Less is more, never go straight in for a sweep with the applicator as you may over apply.

Blend the concealer out with the warmth of your fingertips, I find when applying concealer that minimizing the use of tools can keep the coverage at its fullest.

To conceal a blemish, use a brush the same size as the blemish. I also like to use the Cover FX Mattifying Primer due to it containing Salicylic Acid, to prep the blemish at the beginning of the makeup.


Since we’re talking class — and it is back to school season...

Lightning Round

Favorite Class in School?


Favorite Cafeteria Lunch?

"My best friend and I use to put in for a huge feast at lunch together. It’s a strong tie between Potato Smileys and Nachos!"

Your High School Beauty Look?

"Poorly applied mousse foundation in a shade at least 5 times deeper and warmer than my skin tone, lots of Black eyeliner inside the waterline ONLY, too much blush, too much bronzer, with hairspray to set."

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