Concealer Class: Fatima Caser

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Meet Fatima Caser, beauty content creator from Toronto, Ontario.

We sat down for a Concealer Class with Fatima to learn her tips & tricks on concealing, highlighting and contouring like a pro.

Let's get schooled...


Q: When applying makeup, when and how do you rely on concealer?
A: When applying makeup I'd have to say that skin is the most important step. Picking the right foundation and concealer is essential and a key step in achieving a flawless base. The under eye area is so delicate so I rely heavily on my concealer to avoid creasing throughout the day.


Q: Concealer is a gift! But using it properly can be tricky. Please describe some concealer “oops” you’ve seen or experienced.
A: I'm a self taught makeup artist so there have definitely been a few concealer oops and bumps along the road. Everything from picking a shade that is totally off for me to applying way too much concealer - I've done it all! I'm so happy Cover FX makes it easy to select the right concealer shade to match my skin tone.


Q: How does Power Play Concealer stand out vs. other concealers you’ve used?
A: To me, the Power Play Concealer stands out from the crowd because it gives me the most flawless finish! I've tried a lot of full coverage concealers that feel heavy, especially under the eyes. Even though the Power Play Concealer is super full coverage, it doesn't feel thick or look cakey.


Q: Share a tip (or two!) about using concealer—and using it properly.
A: Always go in with a damp beauty sponge. For me, this technique works best & ensures that the concealer is blended out flawlessly and evenly. Immediately after applying concealer I bake under the eyes (for about a minute or less) with the Perfect Setting Powder in the shade deep. I find that the bit of color in the powder complements deeper skin tones and sets the concealer without it looking grey.


Since we’re talking class — and it is back to school season...

Lightning Round

Favorite Class in School?

"English. I've always had a passion for reading and writing and would even write short stories in my spare time!"

Favorite Cafeteria Lunch?

"PIZZA! 🍕"

Your High School Beauty Look?

"When I started to get more into makeup, blush was my thing in high school! I remember not being able to leave the house without having a rosy-pink blush on my cheeks and I definitely applied way too much *cringe*"

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