Concealer Class: Ariana Marchigiano

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Meet Ariana Marchigiano, our Western Canada Territory Manager. Ariana has been a make up artist for nearly a decade and is passionate about helping clients embrace their own unique beauty, creating make up looks that enhance their best features and minimize their insecurities to have them leave her chair feeling their most confident. She lives a very social life in downtown Vancouver and fills her spare time with all of the art, literature, and music events that she can.

We sat down for a Concealer Class with Ariana to learn her tips & tricks on concealing, highlighting and contouring like a pro.

Let's get schooled...


Q: When applying makeup, when and how do you rely on concealer?
A: Because of my busy life, I need complexion products that last all day and don’t require reapplication. After a sheer application of foundation with a damp beauty sponge, I go in with my concealer to precisely add coverage where it’s necessary. For me, this means under the eyes (I have been known to get much less than 8 hours of sleep in the name of fun), around my nostrils and mouth where I have a tendency to be on the rosier side, and of course on any blemishes, often lurking along my jawline.


Q: Concealer is a gift! But using it properly can be tricky. Please describe some concealer “oops” you’ve seen or experienced.
A: In my opinion, the biggest concealer mistake is using it in place of a foundation. Don’t skip an all over base if you want to conceal! Nothing looks more unnatural than using concealer all over. Most concealers offer a full coverage finish, and it can look bizarre if you have nothing else on your face with heavy concealing under the eyes.


Q: How does Power Play Concealer stand out vs. other concealers you’ve used?
A: What I love about Power Play Concealer is how natural it appears once it dries down and how easy it is to achieve that “real skin” look. Are you noticing a pattern here? I cannot stand a very obviously made up look, and I love that this concealer looks seamless once it blends out. Compared to what I have been using, this crease-proof formula really lives up to the claim – I’m usually needing to touch up my under eye area part way through the day with the creamy formula that had been in my make up bag previously.


Q: Share a tip (or two!) about using concealer—and using it properly.
A: My best concealer tip is to start with less and build from there. You can always go back in and add more product if you feel like you need more coverage, and building your look in sheer layers allows you to be more in control of the finished complexion look.


Since we’re talking class — and it is back to school season...

Lightning Round

Favorite Class in School?

"My favorite class was always English – any excuse to keep my head in a book, to write essays and poetry, and indulge my love of literature."

Favorite Cafeteria Lunch?

"We had this weekly lunch special called Taco in a Bag – essentially a bag of Doritos with ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream tossed inside. 15 year old me was totally into that junky goodness."

Your High School Beauty Look?

"When I was feeling bold I would borrow from my mom’s make up bag: a foundation that was way too dark and peachy for me, L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, and a black eye kohl. For good measure, I’d finish the look with a shimmery lip gloss. "

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