Concealer Class: Ami Desai

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Meet Ami Desai, a mama to 2 little rugrats, a beauty & lifestyle expert and host that loves to talk all things from skincare & makeup to lifestyle & fashion.

We sat down for a Concealer Class with Ami to learn her tips & tricks on concealing, highlighting and contouring like a pro.

Let's get schooled...


Q: When applying makeup, when and how do you rely on concealer?
A:  Concealer is probably the one thing I always have on hand. I'm usually on-the-go and have minutes to get ready on a daily basis so I rely on concealer to not only help me look more awake but also seamlessly cover any blemishes or imperfections I have. Basically, I love concealer that is easy to work with both tools and my fingers if need be!


Q: Concealer is a gift! But using it properly can be tricky. Please describe some concealer “oops” you’ve seen or experienced.
A: The biggest oops I've seen not only on others but also myself is the reverse raccoon eye, you know when you have that extra-too-light under they eyes look? It mainly appears at night with flash photography. Being South Asian, I'm really aware of it especially because it can be really difficult for women with my skin tone to conceal and cover dark circles properly. Usually people make the mistake of going too light and end up with a greyish overcast.


Q: How does Power Play Concealer stand out vs. other concealers you’ve used?
A: I love that it's full coverage but still lightweight. That's a common theme I'm finding with all CoverFX products, which I love. It's also very hydrating but doesn't budge. It's easy to set and forget your makeup with this little gem! Also the doe foot applicator has a rounded end which makes covering that under eye area in 1 swipe easy to do.


Q: Share a tip (or two!) about using concealer—and using it properly.
A: One tip I love is if you're in a pinch, mix your Power Play Concealer with some Custom Enhancer Drops to dilute and use as foundation for a nice healthy glow! I love making products multipurpose!


Since we’re talking class — and it is back to school season...

Lightning Round

Favorite Class in School?


Favorite Cafeteria Lunch?

"Turkey & Mashed Potatoes"

Your High School Beauty Look?

"Liquid liner, dark lips and thin brows!"

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