Makeup Breakdown: Blending



In makeup, “blending” is a technique that makes different colors and textures look seamless, and even flawless.


Think you already know about blending? Maybe… but here are some pro tips that often fly under the radar. First, blending happens best on a smooth surface—and natural skin, however beautiful, is still a porous and uneven canvas. Use a Makeup Primer to protect, nourish, and prepare skin for makeup, and you’ll have the best possible beginning for wow-worthy makeup.


Blending is also easier when you’re using buildable product—the kind that can be applied in layers, which add more natural transitions in color and shine. That’s especially true for contouring and strobing, when shadows and light should seem totally flawless. The creamy and ultra-blendable formula of our Contour Kit leaves a real-skin finish with perfect shades that professional makeup artists adore. And for strobing, our Custom Enhancer Drops and Glitter Drops were designed to be layered onto skin for subtle glow or high-impact glamour.


It goes without saying that great brushes blend product with more smoothness and consistency. Arm yourself with brushes for contouring, blending, and applying a smooth base.  Life is hard enough—make blending easy!

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