Add Sparkle with Glitter Drops


If you could wear glitter in your makeup, everyday… would you? And if you could do so in a way that was wearable enough for an effortless look but also customizable enough for a dramatic effect, would you be interested?

Whether in eyeshadows, on party dresses, or on dazzling shoes, glitter continues to be a finish known to elevate the everyday. And what better way to incorporate it into our daily routines than with a fully customizable beauty product? Allow us to introduce a dear friend of ours: Glitter Drops. Developed with pure pigments of liquid glitter that can be worn alone (or mixed with your favorite beauty product) means you can create versatile sparkle—for all occasions—with one customizable product.

We took to none other than, celebrity MUA Patrick Ta for a little tutorial à la Glitter Drops. Sure, a bottle of multidimensional glitter might seem intimidating, but with Patrick’s magical tricks, we’re thinking you can wear this…well, just about every day. Watch below to see a few different ways to use Glitter Drops. Make no mistake, these drops are fully customizable for use on face or body; in other words, versatility at its finest.

Patrick blends Glitter Drops on cheekbones, eyelids, and lips.

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