#POWERPLAYER: Erin Carpenter

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Made from good-for-you ingredients and with a weightless, modern-matte finish that stays put all day, our newest product—Power Play Foundation—is a true game changer. So in celebration of its release (FYI—it’s already a bestseller), we’re shining the spotlight on beauty and lifestyle experts who also never fail to eclipse expectations. From superpower CEOs to makeup mavens and more, these #Powerplayers inspire us with both their how-I-got-here stories and their tips for living a beautiful life.

We're all about brands that share our mission of inclusion. Which is why when we discovered Nude Barre, we did a little happy dance—and then we started shopping. A line of intimates featuring a dozen shades to match virtually every skin tone, Nude Barre gives the term "nude" its rightful definition. No longer is beige the only option when you're shopping for tights, fishnets, thongs, and bralettes to match your skin tone. Thanks to Nude Barre, almost every customer is guaranteed to find stylish undergarments that truly pair with her skin.

Nude Barre founder Erin Carpenter came up with the concept for her company when in her former life as a professional dancer, she had to hand-dye her tights to match her skin. These days, her company offers a diverse range of products, sizes, and shades—and she has impressive great strides in her personal mission to "empower women and girls to love their bodies and the hue that they come in."

Here's more from this Power Player...


You started Nude Barre nine years ago! Since that time, what has been positive about the ways brands and consumers have evolved to understand and address inclusion? 

Erin: When we launched people were still trying to understand the concept of the true nudes that we were offering. Many customers would call or email us saying, "I saw Wendy Williams wearing your fishnets. I would like to buy the 'nude' shade." We would say, "Ok. Tell us about your skin tone. We have 12 shades."

Since more brands have launch more nude options, the concept of ‘many nudes’ is less foreign to people. I'm proud to say that Nude Barre still offers the largest range in intimates—12 shades! We also have a very large size range, from children's to plus sizes. None of our customers should feel like an afterthought.


What still needs to be done in the marketplace?

Erin: I would love to see the day that diversity in brands in sizing, shades, etc. is the norm. . . A day when women who have been left out feel thought of by many brands and not just a select few.


What’s the latest with Nude Barre? 

Erin: Nude Barre is constantly growing and listening to our customers. We have a bra launching soon and some exciting partnerships coming up.


What is your favorite thing about going to work every day?

Erin: Hearing from our customers! I love hearing how happy they are that finally a brand has a shade for them and that they are being represented in the market. Those emails, calls, and notes are everything to me and remind me how important Nude Barre is.


What advice would you give to other aspiring entrepreneurs who want to offer solutions to problems they see or experience out in the world?

Erin: My advice would be to build a strong network. You need so much support when starting a business. You need people in your corner able to make introductions that can grow your business and you as a entrepreneur. Also, maintain good credit. And find some sort of balance in your life so that you avoid burnout.


What are three things you never fail to do every single day?

Erin: Pray, take deep breaths, and tell my husband the good and bad of my day. I try to do daily voice journals. They really help me work through the emotions and frustrations of my day. It is also nice to listen to them later and realize how far you have come.


What do you wish you had more time to do?

Erin: Read, visit family more often, and have down time that is not just sleep-related.



What is your “foundation”? Who, or what, keeps you grounded?

Erin: God and Family.


What’s your favorite Cover FX product and why? 

Erin: I recently got my makeup done and the makeup artist used the Natural Finish Foundation on me. I loved how well it lasted on my face and how light it felt. Unlike most foundations, it kept kept my face looking fresh without leaving me shiny or making me appear as if I had a ton of makeup on.

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