#POWERPLAYER: Cashmere Nicole


Made from good-for-you ingredients and with a weightless, modern-matte finish that stays put all day, our newest product—Power Play Foundation—is a true game changer. So in celebration of its release (FYI—it’s already a bestseller), we’re shining the spotlight on beauty and lifestyle experts who also never fail to eclipse expectations. From superpower CEOs to makeup mavens and more, these #Powerplayers inspire us with both their how-I-got-here stories and their tips for living a beautiful life.

When Cashmere Nicole launched Beauty Bakerie in 2011, a beauty brand that seeks to inspire the faces of many skin tones and ethnicities, her hope was to provide a healthy line of products that would sweeten the lives of others. We wanted to spotlight her as an inspirational founder of a new brand in the market that shares our heart for inclusivity. Recently, we sat down with Cashmere to find out what inspires her, what she loves about having a beauty brand, and what keeps her grounded.


With the beauty industry ever evolving, how has inclusivity played into the success of Beauty Bakerie?
Cashmere: It’s who we've always been, so I don't know if I can say it has played into our success. I think if there are any brands just getting on board, it may help them in terms of reach, but we've always been inclusive. It's in our DNA because that’s who I am. It'd break my heart to exclude someone and tell them to dream another dream.


We love your #NoShadeLeftBehindAct. How did it come about and how has it evolved since then?
Cashmere: This isn't a new discovery for me. I've always been black—same with my daughter and my mother and my grandmother. I've always been aware of the disparities that exist across many industries including hair and makeup. I think that in order for us to act upon it, it requires dialogue and work for both parties: the brand and the customer. We've hosted Sweet Talks on our Twitter and many of our supporters have told us that they've learned so much from those discussions. If we all want real change, we all have to admit that we bear some responsibility in both being and creating the change we want to see.

As a brand owner, I can't listen to my customers' cries and do nothing. Conversely, I'm also a customer, and as a customer, I'd be completely done with a brand if they didn't listen and understand that my complaint is valid. However, just outside both of those positions, is understanding how to articulate the needs, the issues, and the solutions so that real work can begin. We learned that after our last Sweet Talk, we have to be careful with our words; that if the complaint is "a brand needs to make shades for every skin color,” the reality is that that is impossible. There are just as many skin colors as there are people. I think together we concluded that whatever the brand does, they must do it equally to be considered inclusive.

As of right now, we’re working on an infographic for concealer undertones. We’re super excited about it, so stay tuned!


You’re pretty open about your fight (and victory) with Breast Cancer. How has it shaped your outlook on life and launching Beauty Bakerie?
Cashmere: It’s a reminder that we are here and then we are gone, and while we are here we should do what we can to reach as many people as possible and impact their lives in a positive way.


What are 3 things you strive to do every day?
Cashmere: Remind someone why they started, remind someone else to not give up, and remind another person to enjoy their journey for all that it is and has become.


What advice would you give to a young woman starting her career?
Cashmere: "Don't give up." That means you don't give up—not if your car isn't working, not if you don't have the support from friends and family, not if you don’t get the job. You don’t get to give up for any reason at any time. You set a deadline and you work towards it every single day, and should things not manifest, you set a new goal, but at no point do you ever give up.


What is your “foundation” and/or what keeps you grounded?
Cashmere: My faith in God and my family. I went through so much, and for a while I couldn't get past it until one day I realized I was living in my past or hoping for a future that wasn’t guaranteed. No day could be a new day if all I was doing was thinking about what could have or should have been. Through prayer and learning the art of letting go, I freed myself, my heart, and my mind from that way of thinking and I've never looked back. It's been 6 years and now—I can't think that way even if I tried, and that has probably lead to everything that I'm living in now, which feels surreal.

Beauty Bakerie Matte Lip Whip

What is your “beauty uniform”— the go-to look you love to create for the everyday?
Cashmere: I love a cake face (laughs). I love tons of just caked-on makeup with a matte finish. I also really love cutting a crease on my eyes using our Pancake EyesCream—a black wing, nice falsies, soft glow and a nude lip!


What’s your favorite Beauty Bakerie product?
Cashmere: This is so terribly hard to do...I can't live without any of them. I even tried! The Matte Lip Whip is king to me. There is nothing else on the market like it and every time I've tried wearing any other matte lip product, I don't know how to act and it gets all over my face. You know, those micro moments where we fear missing out because we’re worried about our lip color smudging—that is gone for me! If you get married, the kiss is a really big deal, but so are the photos! And with a formula like ours, you can have your cake and eat it, too!

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