#POWERPLAYER: Ajiona Alexus


Made from good-for-you ingredients and with a weightless, modern-matte finish that stays put all day, our newest product—Power Play Foundation—is a true game changer. So in celebration of its release (FYI—it’s already a bestseller), we’re shining the spotlight on beauty and lifestyle experts who also never fail to eclipse expectations. From superpower CEOs to makeup mavens and more, these #Powerplayers inspire us with both their how-I-got-here stories and their tips for living a beautiful life.

This week we took the Power Play launch festivities up a notch with our Power Play Power Panel, an in-person conversation among a few of our favorite #Powerplayers. We were thrilled to have actress Ajiona Alexus join the group. Ajiona’s personal style—a mix of bold red carpet looks and of-the-moment athleisure—has garnered her an impressive 1.2 million Instagram followers. And then there’s her extensive experience on-set. With appearances on shows including Grey’s Anatomy and Empire and roles in three major films being released this year, Ajiona has considerable the authority to speak to what it’s like to sit in that makeup chair. Catch our Q&A with Ajiona right here.


We are super excited about (and terrified by!) your upcoming film, Acrimony, a psychological thriller from Tyler Perry. What was it like to work on that project?

Ajiona: It was an awesome experience! When I first read the script, I could not put it down. I laughed. I cried. I got mad. I was surprised and mind-boggled by the plot. I read the entire script that night. I play the role of young Melinda, a feisty college student who ends up falling fast for a guy she accidentally bumps into while at school. She is the type of girl who loves deeply and asks for nothing in return. My experience working with Tyler Perry was amazing! I could immediately tell from the moment we met that he was truly passionate about his work and genuinely cares about the people he works with.


Since we're talking about beauty here, we'd love to know: Of all of your roles to date, which makeup look has been most exciting?

Ajiona: Most of my roles lately have had just natural and simple makeup because the characters I’m playing are so young. However, I have done some photo shoots where I've been able to be creative with my make-up. In addition, when I was in high school at the Alabama School of Fine arts, I was a pro at putting on make-up for theater productions.


Generally, what's it like to sit in that makeup chair before going on set?

Ajiona: The makeup chair is always fun! There's usually music playing good vibes. Sometimes, depending on my call time, I'll slip in a nap.


Awards season just finished. We loved your red carpet looks! What are you generally drawn to for the red carpet?

Ajiona: I always go for something fun and different that I feel represents me. I love experimenting and trying new trends.


What's your "uniform" on a day off? What look are we most likely to see you in?

Ajiona: I go for comfort, but still swaggy. Growing up I was the kid that got dressed up just to go to the store with my parents—so I've always been fashion forward. It could be just baggy pants and a crop top, but it will always have some uniqueness and style about it.


What's your "everyday" beauty routine?

Ajiona: I’ve been blessed to have such clear smooth skin. So, to keep it looking that way, I always start off with a gentle facial cleanser followed by a moisturizer that makes my skin glow and radiate.  My go-to is popping brows, some mascara, a great bronzer, and highlighter to top of my look.


Your Instagram is on fire! What would you say is the driving force behind your handle?

Ajiona: I try my best to keep my page organic, fun, and personal. I post candid images from my day, a sneak peek of a photo shoot, behind-the-scenes pics from events, and some collabs with brands.


We were thrilled to have you join our Power Play panel to celebrate the launch of our new Power Play foundation. Who are the Power Players in your life?

Ajiona: God is the ultimate power player. Also my mom, dad, and brother, family and friends, and my team, which includes my talent agency and manager, and of course all my fans, followers and supporters.

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