TCG Blog: #FlexinMyComplexion

By Victory Jones | October 7, 2017
This article was originally released by The Colored Girl Blog and is reproduced with permission here.

Victory in Marrakech wearing CoverFX N90

I love my complexion. Brown, chocolate, velvety, and melanin rich! Although I prefer my skin to be a glowing perfect picture of health all on it’s own… I absolutely think that make up should be complimentary to our skin tones when worn. Specifically complexion based products.

Until recently this has proven to be somewhat of a challenge for WOC. But, I’ve begun to notice the array of shade ranges offered by many cosmetics companies. Specifically when it comes to foundation and concealer. I for one, think this should have always been the norm. After all, we all come in a different range of shades (and undertones), and the make up should reflect this. The goal of foundation is to mimic your natural complexion… as close to your naked skin as possible. So nude should be whatever color our skin is. No matter the shade, tone or complexion.

Cover FX has done an excellent job of figuring this out, with over 40 amazing (vegan & cruelty free) shades for ALL women… Including me, whose undertones vary from season to season! I applaud them for not only an excellent product, but for recognizing that importance of being inclusive when it comes to their consumers.

Thank you Cover FX for making foundations in an array of shades and tones for ALL complexions… because after all Nude is NOT beige.


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