Power Play Panel: Why Beauty Is About Inclusivity on Every Level

By Create & Cultivate | March 14, 2018
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From left: Ajiona Alexus, Ami Desai, Deepica Mutyala and Victor Ramos
From left: Ajiona Alexus, Ami Desai, Deepica Mutyala and Victor Ramos

Makeup can make you feel empowered.

That was the topic of conversation at the CoverFX “Power Play” panel held tonight in Los Angeles at the Bumble Hive. Hosted by TINTED founder, Deepica Mutyala, the women *and man* with mics talked everything from diversity in beauty to their favorite feature. It's all about loving yourself! With her platform and YouTube channel, Deepica has always been a champion of bringing change to how we see beauty.

As such, a core part of the TINTED mission is to push the conversation forward around diversity and inclusion in the beauty space. For their part, CoverFX has always showcased range in their shades and has consistently shown that they appreciate the #TintFam in their message, espeically with their newest Power Play foundation launch. And that's exactly what they chatted about.

To find out what all the buzz was about, keep reading for some of our favorite quotes from the evening and be sure to watch the above Live video!

First up: "Beauty is about inclusivity on every level. Supporting and empowering all the shades in between,” explained the TINTED founder. “It’s not about a race or ethnicity. It’s about making sure everyone know there’s a space for them.”



"I really want them to admire other people’s beauty without questioning their own. There is space for everyone. -- Ami Desai on how she wants her kids to see beauty

“The beauty industry's responsibility is to eliminate the standard of beauty. There is no standard. We need to stop putting a standard to beauty. Being a male in beauty is definitely a different experience. When it comes to beauty it’s always ‘girls, girls, girls.’ I want to eliminate standards and stereotypes. Any guy can wear makeup if they want it. Do what you want if it makes you happy." -- Victor Ramos



“Stop the mindset of the ‘token’. It’s not just black or white or something in middle. There is a whole spectrum in between. Don’t just put someone in and check a box because it’s very obvious.” -- Deepica Mutyala on encouraging brands to end tokenism.

"We have an opportunity to speak out. That’s what encourages change. When I’m on set, I’ve found that my skin tone is very hard to match. There’s always been a struggle. It’s a big problem. It’s so important to have brands like CoverFX because people will just slap whatever they want on your face and get you out there." -- Actress Ajiona Alexus on being on set in Hollywood

“Sometimes all people see is the beauty. But deep down, it’s important to know, beauty is only one thing--  the work you do behind the scenes, needs to be a beast. Show the world your true worth and talent.” -- Ajiona Alexus on her Tweet, "Sometimes you gotta be a Beauty and a Beast."

“I remember telling myself OK if no one is gonna be at Sephora, I’m gonna be at Sephora.” -- Victor Ramos on not waiting for someone else to be "the first."

“We’re not going have brands tell us what we need. I think we’re the first generation that’s saying 'We’re calling the shots and we’re gonna celebrate everybody.'” -- Victor Ramos on the importance of his work.


“You should feel great how you are, exactly how you are.” -- Deepica Mutyala

“As a kid, beauty was my way of fitting in. Now it’s my way of standing out.” -- Deepica Mutyala

“Here I am. You’re going to have to accept me as I am.” -- Victor Ramos

“I love my skin tone. When I was younger I went through ‘that phase.’ You’d always see the blonde guy, but I’ve learned to appreciate myself so much it’s almost weird.” -- Victor Ramos

“I love my nose, even though I don’t. It’s my paternal grandfather’s. Everything on your face is a roadmap to where you’ve been and where you’re going.” -- Ami Desai

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