Makeup Breakdown: Baking



In makeup, “baking” is a technique for budge-proof foundation, concealer, contour, and highlight. It’s called “baking” because it uses the skin’s natural warmth skin to “bake” setting powder into base makeup, making it stay put for a very long time.


Baking is also a way to help added color, like eyeshadow, lay down evenly and firmly on skin. The technique was first pioneered in drag and burlesque communities, and sometimes the pros do an extreme version with strong lights—or even a blow dryer—to add extra heat.


The benefits of baking are stay-put makeup, an even skin tone, and better visibility on high-definition formats like digital video. (That’s why beauty v-loggers love it so much!) But without practice, the right moisturizer and a quality setting powder that blends easily, baking can leave a caky finish and even dry out skin.


For a great bake, use a nourishing product like Cream Concealer on your skin’s more sensitive areas (under the eyes, above the bow of the lip). It’s got 27% pigment for full coverage with just a tiny bit of product. Then dust a thin, even layer of Perfect Setting Powder for an incredibly translucent, airbrushed finish. It’s talc-free, so even if you go the blow-dry route (which we recommend doing very carefully, on low heat, for just a few seconds!) your skin is still protected from harsh elements.

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